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Hey God!

Hey God!  How are things going up there? It’s crazy down here, isn’t it? We’ve got kids trying to change themselves, adults fighting about wars, countries trying to take over other countries… and some of us are actually trying to destroy humanity! Good Lord, what is all this coming to? I know You love all of us, even when we act up, but how long is this madness going to go on? Ok, ok, you said not to worry about what can kill the body. Check. The battle isn’t ours. Check. I just can’t imagine what You think of us right now. I guess it was like when the Israelites acted a fool and wanted a king. You gave them what they wanted. We wanted to be in control. This is the type of thing you get when we don’t do things Your way, I guess. I know in spite of all this, You love every one of us. Yes, You love even those who curse You, deny Your existence, and especially those who have fallen away. Well, we hope to see You soon.  Love, The World “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only beg

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