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You Are Amazing - Taken Under a Bridge Downtown By Emma

MX Sisters Creations is in the middle of a major Kingdom explosion and now has multiple lines of products, merch, and social media for your enjoyment!

Find A Knittin' and A Frettin' our weekly live on marriage, music, faith, and fiber on Youtube channel CCKMedia

Fine Art America has MX Sisters of Pittsburgh art prints, puzzles, and more!

Patrons on Patreon get exclusive benefits and FREE MERCH after 3 months of support at every level. They also get 15% OFF ALL teespring merch!

Speaking of teespring, we just launched our "You are loved." line.

One of a kind yarn and metal art pieces are available on Etsy's MXSistersArfsnCrafts!

Get the latest news of where we will be, and what we are making on Facebook at MX Sisters Creations!

Stay tuned for MX Sisters Creations Publications where we are working on poetry, kids, fantasy fiction, and books such as Woman With the Rotting Face, an inspirational story of discovery of love and life. An award winning excerpt can be found at When the World Looks.

Thank you for visiting and remember... no matter what you've done, or what's been done to you, you are loved by The One who made you. :)


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